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    Micky is a great teacher. He adapts quickly to every situation and combines different teaching methods to help every student reach his full potential. I’ve become convinced that he’s pretty well equipped with musical knowledge from Jazz to Rock and Metal. We worked together for 5 years, and he has helped me find my way…

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    Micky always finds a way to make you understand a certain topic. If it’s not this way then it’s another. Experienced, skilled, humble, and a pleasure to work with.

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    Micky brings along two major assets as a guitar teacher: skill and motivation. He will reveal the best version of yourself.

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    The guitar can do a lot of things. It can be played quietly, loudly, sophisticated or simply beautifully. Mickylee gets to the point and shows you what it takes to find your own voice on the guitar.

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    Micky is a very honest teacher, which may make him seem strict, but I always find his feedback and tips extremely helpful. I’ve already learned a lot of useful things, such as various techniques that I couldn’t find anywhere on the Internet.