Inspirational Corner dates!

Six very interesting gigs are going to happen. Line up:

Gerald Peter - keyboard
Julian Pieber - drums
Thomas Hierzberger - bass
MICKYLEE - guitar

The dates:

27.03.2014 - 9pm at "Loop" in Vienna.

29.03.2014 - 2pm at "Jazz Klub Cekaonica" in Belgrade, Serbia.

29.03.2014 - 10pm at "IZBA" in Novi Sad, Serbia.

30.03.2014 - noon at "Banat Blues Cafe" in Crepaja, Serbia.

30.03.2014 - 9pm at "Kruna&Cactus" in Pancevo, Serbia.

03.04.2014 - 8pm at "Wirr" in Vienna.

Finally, an update!

I decided to update this page more regularly, so let's start with couple of very important dates for me! I'm very happy to announce that I will be going to Estonia at the end of February to play four concerts there. The line up is:

Mairo Marjamaa - saxophone
Holger Marjamaa - keyboard
Boris Hrebtukov - drums
Heikko Remmel - bass
MICKYLEE - guitar

The dates:

25.02.2014 at Cafe "Fellin" in Viljandi.

28.02.2014 at "NO99" in Tallinn.

01.03.2014 at "Philly Joe's Jazz Club" in Tallinn.

02.03.2014 at "Voffka Club" in Sillamäe.

We will play the music from "deComposing Cats" and couple of other tunes as well. I'm very much looking forward to this one!

If Estonia is too far for you, there are interesting things happening in Austria as well! I'm going to play two concerts in March with my newly formed trio. This time I'm supported by two young and very talented gentleman:

Peter Primus Frosch - drums
Marc Mezgolits - bass

The dates:

06.03.2014 at "Die Ausstellung" in Vienna.

19.03.2014 at "Smaragd" in Linz.

Other dates are coming up as well, so stay tuned!

Super Band in Reigen!

On April 11th I'm going to have a concert with Major Blues Club in Reigen (Vienna) as a part of Vienna Blues Spring! The line up is really a killer! :)

Jelena Krstic - vocals
Big John Whitfield - vocals
Aaron Thier - drums
Thomas Hierzberger - bass
Gerald Peter - keyboards
"Major" Thom Wagner - vocals and keyboards
MICKYLEE - guitar

Dont't miss this one, it's going to be a lot of fun!

Daily Solo

I'm so excited to announce my new project called "Daily Solo"! I will be posting one solo every day to my youtube channel.

You can watch the videos at www.youtube.com/mickyleeband. Don't forget to subscribe, so that you don't miss any videos :)

You can also like the Facebook page where I'll post all the updates regarding the "Daily Solo".

I'm very much looking forward to your feedback!

Gigs in January 2013

There are going to be 4 gigs with my very good old friend Ivan Ristanovic on vocals in January! Ivan and I played one gig in duo couple of months ago. Since we had such a great time then, we decided to form a band. It's a duo and we perform the world known pop and rock hits in our own arrangements. Ivan is also the beat-boxer. With his powerful loop machine and effects he can create a lot of great sounds and layers. If you are around, don´´ miss the opportunity to hear us live, it's going to be a lot of fun :)

13.01.2013 at Vienna Globe Trampers. Jazzbransch with Hans Schön, feat. Ivan Ristanovic as special guest. Start at 11am!

15.01.2013 at Cafe Epicur in Klosterneuburg. Duo, start at 7.30pm.

17.01.2013 at Cafe Carina in Vienna. Duo, start at 9pm.

19.01.2013 at eMCe Plac in Velenje, Slovenia. Duo, start at 9pm.

Concerts in Serbia

I´m very excited about the two gigs I´m going to be playing in Belgrade at Jazz Club Cekaonica on November 13th and at the Novi Sad Jazz Festival on November 14th!

Line up:
MICKYLEE - guitar
Martin Kern - tenor saxophone
Aleksandar Bahun - keyboards
Vladimir Samardzic - bass guitar
Aaron Thier - drums

Arranging for guitar

Recently I´ve been doing some guitar arrangements for probably the best and the biggest online sheet music company, called Virtual Sheet Music Inc. Until now, we published two collections, which you can find at the following links:

Halloween Collection
Five Pieces (coll. 1)

and, hopefully, many more will come :)
For the small annual fee you can download tons of high quality music sheets, with almost every possible instrumentation. The owner of the company is a very cool guy, called Fabrizio Ferrari, who will help you with all the questions you might have regarding the music on the site. He also runs one of the greatest communities for the musicians on the web, called Musicians Page. There you can sign in and make your music profile for the other colleagues to see. Also, there are music jobs posted daily! CHECK IT OUT!

Gigs, Workshop...

June 7th 2012 at Satchmo Jazz Club in Maribor, Slovenia. Start at 9:30pm.


June 8th 2012 at eMCe Plac in Velenje, Slovenia. Start at 9pm.

Line up for the Slovenian tour: Jure Pukl (ts), Herbert Pirker (dr), Thomas Hierzberger (b), MICKYLEE (g)


On June 9th and 10th I´ll be teaching at the new and exciting 2012 at NYC Jazz-Workshop in Mattighofen with Andy Middleton, Martin Reiter, Chanda Rule, Raphael Preuschl and Gernot Bernroider.


There are still couple of places available so hurry up and book it, it´s going to be lots of fun! We are also going to play a concert with my music on 9th of June (venue to be announced) which I´m really thrilled about!


June 15th 2012 at Kulturzentrum in Mattersburg with Jazzbransch. Start at 8pm.

June 16th 2012 at Unplugged in Vienna with Matthias Schneider Band. Start at 9pm.

June 24th 2012 at Vienna Globe Trampers Headquarter with Hans Schön´s Jazzbransch. 11am-14pm.

June 30th 2012 in Klosterneuburg with Inspirational Corner.

Gigs in May

May 17th 2012 at Tunnel Vienna with Inspirational Corner. Start at 9pm.


May 22nd 2012 at Musikwerkstatt Wels. MICKYLEE Band with special guest Aaron Thier on drums! Start at 8pm.

May 30th 2012 at Fledermaus Wien with Inspirational Corner, featuring Big John on vocals. Start at 10pm.


May 31st 2012 at Capatosta Wien with Inspirational Corner (trio). Start at 9pm.



New York dates

May 7th 2012 at Shrinenyc. from 9pm until 10pm.


May 8th 2012 at SOMETHIN´ jazz club. from 9pm until 10:45pm.


Line up:

Gernot Bernroider- Drums
Dan Fabricatore- Bass
Christian Torkewitz - Tenor Saxophone

If you are around, check it out!

"deComposing Cats"

CD Release Party

in ostklub!

On 23.02.2012 in OSTKLUB at 8pm.

Doors open at 7.30pm

Address: 1040 Wien, Schwindgasse 1

Entrance fee: 8€ / Students: 6€

Line up:

Jure Pukl - Tenor Saxophone
Martin Reiter - Keyboards
Herbert Pirker - Drums
Raphael Preuschl - Bass
Nika Zach - Vocal

Don´t miss this great opportunity to hear the new music LIVE!


We are going to be supported by the great fusion band from Belgrade, Serbia GISMAJES!

I´m looking forward to seeing you all there!

New album: deComposing Cats


I´m proud to announce that my album deComposing Cats is available for purchase! Currently you can buy it exclusively through this website. The price of the CD is 14€ plus postage. Please, CONTACT me for further details. In the meantime, you can listen to the samples on the AUDIO page.

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